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Freshly Squeezed Software - PulpFiction
Newsreader/Aggregator for Mac OS X.
Mac OS X blog editor and RSS reader.
An Mac OS X dockling RSS reader.
NetNewsWire Lite
NetNewsWire is an OSX desktop RSS reader, written in Cocoa.
RSS and Atom reader with search, news ticker, integration with iTunes and automatic translation.
Macintosh RSS reader. OS 10.3 required.
Information on this versatile RSS news aggregator that lets you view news headlines and story descriptions before you have to even touch your web browser.
An application that provides access to RSS feeds via the menu bar. Includes notification of new items and a built-in directory.
Pheeder XML Reader
Pheeder is a aggregator/news reader designed to work with arbitrary XML formats through the use of plug-ins and XSLT [OS X].
Website news aggregator for Mac OS X.
Shrook 2
RSS reader with desktop and web based versions. Can synchronize across several computers.
A simple Mac OS X application that fetches and updates headlines for the latest postings on slashdot-compatible sites and RSS-compatible sites.
Animated RSS and Atom newsreader for Mac OS X inspired by news "crawls" on 24-hour cable news programs.
An Mac OS feedreader.


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