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FeedBurner - Mobile Feed Reader
RSS reader for mobile handsets that support the J2ME MIDP 2.0/CLDC1.0 platforms, such as the Sony Ericsson P900, Nokia 6600, and Palm OS 5.
A reader that works on Java phones, Treo, and Blackberry.
Java front-end for viewing news aggregation sites and site syndication feeds on mobile devices.
RSS reader for Palm OS. Can download RSS feeds, either via a HotSync or using a direct Internet connection.
Reader for Nokia series 60 smartphones. Available in several languages.
Mobile RSS Reader
RSS Reader for mobile phones (MIDP 1.0).
A free online RSS aggregator for mobile devices. Users can add their selection of RSS feeds and tranform them for display or synchronization on their PDA. Feeds are customizable for a specific PDA.
RSS News reader and weblog reader for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone. With search and alert capability.
RSS reader for J2ME Mobiles, Palm OS devices and BlackBerry Handhelds.
Mobile aggregator that can work with both Palm and Pocket PC browsers.
RSS/RDF news aggregator that runs on the Pocket PC 2002/2003 PDAs.
Headline and news reader for Newton MessagePad.


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