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JAVA Tabanlı RSS Okuyucu Programları

Windows, Mac and Linux based RSS feed reader, which is designed to allow users to easily manage and follow hundreds of feeds.
curn: Customizable Utilitarian RSS Notifier
A Java-based extensible, caching RSS reader. Command-line utility, intended to be run periodically by a command scheduler such as cron(8) or the Windows Scheduler.
RSS aggregator written in Java.
A Java based desktop newsreader. Works on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and anything else with a Java Virtual Machine.
Allows seamless integration of RSS newsfeeds into websites. It is a Java servlet generating Javascript objects the web author can manipulate.
Newscrollet RSS viewer
Java-based RSS viewer that works on any Java-enabled platform, including Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. Features automatic scrolling of headlines in a minimized mode.
Mozilla and Java-based aggregator with RSS 2.0 support.
Enables RSS feeds to be read with NNTP newsreaders. Requires the Java Runtime Environment.
RSS Viewer
A Java based, open source RSS reader.
Uses the SWT Eclipse library to provide a cross-platform desktop application to read RSS subscriptions.
Free, cross platform, multi-language RSS / Atom / RDF reader. Anti-aliasing, skins and multi-language support. Developed in Java, works under Windows, Linux, MacOSX and others.


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